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The end of the Bird in Hand has finally come about with its convertion to a drive-through coffee outlet.  I  have heard several reports of vehicles making ill-considered manoeuvers having driven out.  The traffic congestion caused by the adjacent junction continues unabated, frequently queueing back way past the BP garage.   Still on the subject of roads, the M3 roadworks are reputed to have been completed turning our section into 4 lanes each way with no hard shoulder.  I say 'reputed' for the completion is claimed by the authorities - they obviously do not consider frequent over-night closures to sort out issues and perhaps to complete the technology associated with a "smart motorway" to be part of the roadworks!  Many residents who live along the A30 are unhappy with the disruption caused by lorries diverted off the M3 driving at speed past their houses. 

The latest in the saga of Pinewood is that a planning application to retain the existing building and build a large care home behind it is on appeal following rejection by the local council.  There is a report at and on SHBC website planning application number 16/0681.

In my last newsletter I refered to correspondence concerning Fred and Anna Leitinger who ran the Hero in the 1960's.  I have now heard from their daughter Maria that Fred (Alfred) passed away last December.  

Lead coffins in the centre of the village?  Phil from the Archaeology group is looking for help.  He writes : "Do you have any information about lead coffins being found in the centre of Bagshot? I have a correspondent who insists that this was so. They could have been metal cattle troughs I suppose. They couldn’t have had bodies in them otherwise the police would have been involved and it would have been in the papers. They can’t have been associated with the chantry as that didn’t have burials." Have you heard of this?

Last time I reported the County Council's plan to turn off many street lights in the early hours to save money.  Several readers comments with alternative suggestions.  We are now several months downstream and all is quiet - there are no ongoing complaints and the police report that it has not had any influence on the crime  rate (which is very low anyway) and I have heard one report that says the savings were greater than expected and so the period that the lights are on is to be extended.  Personally I can't see the logic behind that - if there are no problems with curtailing the lighting then why not use the extra savings to help somewhere else?

fungi growing on a fallen tree trunk

Bagshot Cricket Club are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their formation and have published a booklet "A History of Cricket in Bagshot".  Cricket in Bagshot goes back a lot further than the club itself and the booklet includes press cuttings from 1780.  Even though I am not an cricket addict  I found the history most interesting.  It is available from the club, priced, appropriately for its 150th anniversary at 150 pence!  The club have named their refurbished pavillion in honour of the late Eddie Dowding.

Having read in last Christmas' newsletter of the village's Christmas Tree, Trev wrote : 

I very much applaud Bagshot parish for hanging on to the tradition of "The Xmas tree in the Square" (or as you say in Bagshot's case a "Triangle").  
I wonder how many other villages can still boast the continuation of this tradition ? Especially in this modern fast paced, commercial and money saving way that we have today and maybe all of you that support Bagshot could inspire other villages ?.

It is 20 years since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  Photographs of the Victoria Monument in the village centre, which virtually became a shrine, have recently come to light and can be seen here.

Updates since the last newsletter include red apple

If you are researching your Surrey family history then you may be interested to know that the Parish Registers for much of Surrey including Bagshot and its chapel are available on-line at  If you don't have a suitable subscription then try your local library as they may well have access.  The images have not been created from old microfilms but are new colour ones and, being the Parish Register, marriage records contain the couple's actual signature (or mark), not the copy you get via the GRO.

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With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and those you hold dear.

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