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Patrick Jolly : "I am seeking any information of the Ravenshire family who had a house with small holding and horses. My mother Maureen Jolly ne'e Bocutt along with her sister Josephine were evacuated to Bagshot, and their mother Ellen (Nell) Bocutt came as well. They were all taken in by the Ravenshire's with my grandmother becoming house keeper as they all ready had a cook. I am trying to record and build upon my mothers memories." [Apr 15] 


Rapley is the name of a lake and farm in Bagshot Park, but Linda Stubbington writes : "My maiden name was Rapley, family in Chobham, Bagshot and Windlesham. I am interested in how Rapley Farm acquired it's name and contacting other Rapleys interested in the same subject."


Several members of the Papworth family have contributed to the family memoirs recorded here

Liz Schultz (nee Berry) writing from Australia remembers the Papworth family:  How wonderful to have all the blank spots filled in about this wonderful family that my mother Beth Berry thought so highly of. I was only a very young child at the time but I remember quite clearly sitting the Papworths home on Coronation Day and watching it on TV along with many others of the Bagshot community. The Papworths were indeed a very generous family - I wish my parents had known that Eddy and Mavis had moved to Australia, as did they. I migrated in 1973 and they followed when they retired - mum died in 1997 and Dad in 2001 - both well into their 80's. I only lived in Bagshot, in Grove End across from the Cricketers, until I was 8 but my brother Malcolm was 6 years older than me and would most definitely have known some of the Papworth kids. My greatest memories of Bagshot are having an ice cream treat from Fortunas, the Ross's from the paper shop and getting radio batteries from Papworths - and the Coronation of course. Thanks for the memories. [Aug 14]  

Jim Clarke : Wow reading the Papworth memoirs certainly brought a tear to my eyes. I left Bagshot school in 1952 and started work at Papwoths learning to be an electrician helping Ed with deleveries of accumulators and charging in the sheds by the viaduct. I remember Frank and Melanie, and Ed teaching me to drive. Very sad. [Feb 18]       


From Leo : My mother, Marion Farrow, recounts that her great grandfather Mr Philbrook went to Russia with Mr Kemp probably before the turn of the century (20th) to do building work out there. All she remembers is that he was a coal merchant in Guildford Road, Bagshot. Mr Philbrook's daughter Annie Philbrook (my mother's grandmother) was born and christened in Moscow. If anyone knows any further details of the Kemp family, or knew my mother's family, we would love to hear from them. [8055.508]

I understand that it was Kemp's who owned a Gas Works - it is shown on late 1800's maps - and he was invited to Russia to build a gas works there. This would probably be the occasion of Mr Philbrook's visit to Russia. I think that as a result of Kemp's involvement with Russia the gas works at Bagshot became known as Moscow Works, and the family home on Guildford Road as Moscow Villa

Bob had written in to say that he has some family history regarding George Philbrook who travelled to Russia but unfortunately I have lost contact with him. [i9 lost contact]

Philippa Walker writes: George Philbrook was the father of my grandmother May Philbrook. I understand the family were from Bagshot. She emigrated to Australia with my grandfather Herbert George Patching in 1913. I had been told that he travelled to Russia. [Jun 10 X]

From Susan Philbrook: I think Leo is referring to my great grandfather George Philbrook, and that Phillippa is referring to my great aunty May Patching (nee Philbrook). I new her quite well. She was the sister of my grandfather Arthur Ernest Philbrook - who also emigrated to Autralia in circa 1910- and actually stayed with her for a while. We visited her a number of times - including in her last years at Brunswick Heads, NSW.

I'm also keen for more information about their father and other predecessors. Family legend (from my grandfather) was that his dad, George, was married twice - and there were tales of him running away to Russia (leaving either his first or second wife). I think May and Arthur were from his 2nd marriage (after he returns). Arthur was the only boy from this family; but told me the children by the first wife were all boys and one girl (his step siblings).

Family legend was also that George was  an engineer and the first in his Philbrook line to get a university degree; and also that there was gypsy blood in his family..... [Mar 11]

Ebrebs writes : Information about George Philbrook and his ancestors and children has been posted to rootsweb and myheritage [Dec 16]  

Ann Roberson has added: My grandmother was Ellen Phillbrook, sister of Annie and Ada. Ellen lived with her parents in Russia where her mother died  and is buried in Moscow. My grandmother returned aged two if my memory serves me right. She seemed to remember quite a lot from early years. She married Frederick Kircher and my father was named James Philbrook Kircher, eight siblings survived out of eleven.  Ellen lived  in 5 Rose cottages, Bagshot, and in later life in  Lightwater living near her sister Annie.  Ada never married but was a frequent visitor. In my childhood Kemps were coal merchants in Bagshot. [Dec 17]  

From Marilyn : I am the daughter of James Philbrook Kircher, and remember being told a bit of history re my grandfather going to Russia. With him was his wife and child (my gran). I would love to know more. [Dec 17]  

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Al asks if anyone has any knowledge of Frederick Rickards a coachmaster, Robert Harrison an innkeeper, James Varndell a cooper and John Mears gentlelman , all of Bagshot and who, in 1829, were involved in a mortgage and, perhaps, the running of a coaching business. [Jul 10]


James would like to contact his half-brother Paul Roberts born Woking November 1965 [Aug 15]


Kirko asks :  Does anyone know what happened to (Squadron Leader) Joe Rockall who had a small business in Half Moon street assembling radio parts. He was involved with the first radios in the Royal Flying Corp at the end of WW1. He lived in a flat up towards were the nursing home used to be. [Aug 14]


Ruth Waller recounts that there are family claims that George Rudwick born London 1874 was Chaplain to the Duke of Connaught and at some time lived in Bagshot. Can anyone confirm this, or knows of any travels with the Duke. [7089.1208]

an unreadable hand written address


Nicky was researching ancestor Charles William Searle, born 1873, but could not decypher the Bagshot birthplace address given on the Birth Registration.  Seven years later at the 1881 census the family were living in the High Street. 8069xx.908
No sooner had this enquiry been posted than Ian provided the answer "I don't think it is a place but a time. 1 o'clock pm" [410.1008]

Then, by sheer coincidence, this came up in a Family History group I attend. It was said that there were two likely reasons for adding a time, one that it was a multiple birth and this distinguished who was the elder, or that the mother died in childbirth in which case her death registration was likely to also show a time.  But in my own family history research I have found a Registrar in Norfolk who obviously thought it a good idea to add times to all entries !

This enquiry is now closed.


From David:   I would like to receive any information about the Smerdon family who lived in Bagshot circa 1890 onwards. William Smerdon was the stationmaster at Bagshot around this time, and is my great grandfather, but I can find no trace of the family. [Apr 12]
Steven Bray has been able to tell David about the family's entries in virtually all the censuses from 1841 to 1911. [Oct 12] And Norma has found him in railway records. [Oct 12]


Shirley writes "I was born in Bagshot and I am trying to find information of my Grandmother. My Mums name was Betty Smith and my Gran (maiden name Amy Smith) was refered to as Granny Smith. I was told that she worked at Bagshot Park as a maid.  One of three sisters, I would love to find any information about her."  The period of interest is late 1800's and early 1900's, she lived no 5 High Street and an Aunt Ivy in Half Moon Street. [8075.908]


Leo asks "Does anyone have any information about the Smithers family who lived in Waverley Road during the war years?   My mother was evacuated to Bagshot during the war and remembers camping in their garden with their three daughters. [May 11]

From Chris Stoyle : Harold and Alice Smithers were my maternal grandparents. My mother was Nancy, the eldest, the other girls were Ida, Ruth and Muriel. My parents married in 1942. Ruth was the last to pass away (Nov last year) The bungalow remained in the family to the end. [May 13]

From Gerald Smithers, whose great uncle George Edward Smithers (1879 - 1917) was killed in WW1 serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers and is commemorated on Bagshot's War Memorial and Roll of Honour, writes "I would like to know if there are any relatives of mine still living in this area (Bagshot, Windlesham, Surrey) with a view to trace my family history.  My father was Gerald William Smithers (1900 - 1969). My great grand parents were John Jeffery Smithers (1837-1917) and Jane Smithers (nee Draper) (1840-1912). I would appreciate any help that could be provided.  [Dec 16]  


Elaine writes: I am related to a family that lived in Bagshot and Windlesham area for many years throughout the 1700s and early 1800's, the Styles family. James Styles born in Windlesham abt 1777 married Elizabeth (date and place unknown) their children were all born and baptised at St John the Baptist. James was a publican died in Bagshot 1827 buried St John the Baptist Church. Eliza lived in Bagshot until her death 1852. She ran a shop there. Any information on this family would be extremely helpful. Thank you. [Apr10]

Peter Styles added : I to am related to James Styles of Windlesham, he was my gt,gt,gt,gt grandfather. His son Thomas was my gt,gt,gt grandfather. Any information on the Styles family would be welcome. [Oct 11]

Hungarian Refugee - Joseph (Jozef ?)

Richard asks Can anyone remind me of a surname? During the uprising in Hungary (1952-53-54?) we took in a Hungarian refugee who lived with us on Vicarage Road. He went to work at Warterers Nurseries. We moved away and I joined the Forces but I understand that he stayed in Bagshot, and at Waterers, and became quite a senior member of the staff there. Does anyone who worked there, perhaps, remember him or know of his whereabouts now?

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Yvonne would like to find out about the Taylor Family, in particular 

From Russell : "I am interested in the Taylor family of Surrey House Bagshot. A Robert Taylor of this address was bankrupt in 1865. . Where is/was Surrey House? [Oct 12]

Previously it hd been identified that a Thomas Taylor was described in the Times in 1868 in the wedding announcement of his daughter Elizabeth to Benjamin Riches as deceased late of Surrey House Bagshot and Sydney NSW Australia. 8059.708

From Darcy: I was looking at two old local maps,1898 second edition and 1938 Provisional Edition and Surrey House is featured on both. It is located at the junction of the Maultway, "Jolly Farmer", Portsmouth Road area, next door to Collingwood Grange. I realise that this location is not strictly Bagshot but it may be of interest to the researchers. [Feb 13]

Mark Henry Taylor

Pauline Long: "My great grandfather, Mark Henry Taylor, was born in Bagshot about 1865 and lived on Jenkins Hill. He farmed at Waterer's Nurseries." [Oct 16]
Mark was baptised in Bagshot's Chapel on 2 July 1865, the son of Henry Taylor & Emma (nee Ross) who had married on Christmas Day 1857 in the church in Windlesham.

George Henry Taylor

Margaret writes from Nottinghamshire: [211 Feb02 Jan04]

I have found out (1891 Census) that my great grandfather George Henry TAYLOR (journeyman bricklayer) was born in Bagshot about 1841 (I am having difficulty in finding his exact date of birth as none of my information tallys - Census, marriage dates - he gives various ages). He states his father was William TAYLOR, a Bailiff, but I know little else about his parentage.

George married for the second time in East Grinstead, Sussex, to Alice HIDER in 1886. There may be children from his first marriage. There were five boys and one girl to his second marriage. One of the boys was my grandfather Albert Thomas TAYLOR born in E Grinstead. Sadly George died in the Union workhouse in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, in 1902.  

I would love to hear from anyone who may be a long lost relative or any information or suggestions where else I might search for information.

Please reply via the message pad at the foot of the page.

Davina was able to provide some information from the 1881 census:

The only person that fits the bill is the following. There is a George Henry Taylor born at the right time but in Camberwell, Surrey. 

Colonels Lane, Chertsey, Surrey

George Taylor, Married, aged 35, Male, Bagshot, Surrey, England 
Head (of the household), Gardener Domestic Servant 
Elizabeth Taylor, Married, aged 44, Female, Horsell, Surrey, England 
Robert Pantling, Unmarried, aged 33, Male, Reigate, Surrey, England 
Boarder, General Labourer 

Just down the road from their house it looks as though there was a big house called Abbey House where it might be possible that George was working. 

John found the following

George Henry Taylor Bapt. 12 September 1841 St Lawrence, Chobham, Surrey. Parents William & Lucy Sarah. (From IGI online).

Also 1881 Census.
Burrow Hill, Chobham, Surrey
George Taylor (40) Born Chobham, Farmer 12 acres.
Elizabeth Taylor (nee Roberts) (35) wife
No children listed.

Peter Baggs has also been able to provide some information about what may be more than one George H Taylor and a link to his family tree on rootsweb [Sep10]


From Pat Anderson (nee Terry) [Oct 12]

I too was born in the nursing home on the A30 in l945. I remember it very well as My Grandparents lived just down from there in Bell Vue Flats, corner of the A30 and what is now Lambourne Drive I believe. My Aunt lived in bottom left hand side and up above my Grandparents lived in number three and above them their other daughter. Aunts names Jackie Mather who married Gordon Houchen who lived in the end terrace house right opposite School Lane. My other Aunt who lived upstairs was Win and Gordon Evans. My husband Alvar Anderson lived up School Lane with just a brick wall seperating his garden from the cemetary. I too remember vividly Dr Issbister at the bottom of school lane. He was so nice as I recall as a little girl. I lived in West End and I remember many times he came to visit me and my brother (Tony Terry) when we would get poorly. I have seen the picture of what you are recalling the Nursing home but although it looks very much like what I remember I am not absolutely sure it is that exact building.

My Grandfather was the projectionist at the cinema on the High Street and my Grandmother was a supervisor at the Huntley and Palmers Biscuit factory just behind the cinema. I went to Bagshot School until l960 and still have kept in touch with some of my friends from then. I come home often and always visit Bagshot...just love the place have such great memories too of my Grandma very often walking me and my brother to Fortuna's for the best ice cream EVER!!!

Always visit what was The Hero of Inkerman  - I had my 21st Birthday Party in there. Memories of Johnson and Spooners , The Fish and Chip shop, little post office, the bakery and yes the Pantiles. My Aunty Jackie and uncle Gordon (HOUCHEN) were married in Bagshot Church and the reception was at The Pantiles. I still have pictures and many wonderful memories of that day as I was the only Bridesmaid 11years old. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or any of my family

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Thurmer & Wheeler

From Jennifer Thurmer  : It seems that quite a few of my THURMER and WHEELER ancestors lived in Bagshot. I am particularly interested to know more about a Mr Wheeler. He worked as gamekeeper, groundsman and or gardener at Bagshot Park for many years. He lived in Bagshot (perhaps Bagshot Park) in Red Lodge. He had a daughter named Daisy, and Arthur Thurmer (b. 1905, in Winkfield, Bracknell ) married her. Arthur had at some stage worked with Mr Wheeler. [556 Oct 07]

The late Lionel Parr (whose father, John Parr, was Head Gardener at Bagshot Park) wrote that Mr Wheeler (sometimes referred to as "Old George") was the Head Gamekeeper from at least the 1920s until his retirement in 1942/3 (around the time of the death of the Duke of Connaught). He lived at Keeper's Cottage, near Rapley Farm. After his retirement he went to live with his married daughter in Berkshire.  There were two gamekeepers Mr Wheeler and his assistant Mr Rice. [Nov 08]

John Gregory, who is one of the grandchildren of George Wheeler and his wife Fanny, confirms that George Wheeler lived at Red House, Rapley, Bagshot, and was head game keeper to the Duke of Connaught and that Arthur Thurmer was his assistant, adding that Daisy had a sister Clara Jane Wheeler.  [Feb 16]

The 1911 census records George with his wife Fanny of 10 years, and their four children Rosa May, Daisy Winifred, WilliamGeorge and Clara Jane, living in Bagshot Park Lodge.  The Electoral Registers of the time clarify this as being Church Lodge, which is situated off Church Road, behind St Anne's Church.

This enquiry is now closed and I no longer have contact details for Jennifer or John

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The Richardson enquiry has now been resolved and removed.

The Skeats enquire has been deleted. 

Suzan asks "I'm looking for anyone who knows of the Skeats Clan who were in Bagshot 1700 - 1800 +. Anything would help if anyone knows the name." [Sep 12]

Cheryl has written with details of her Skeats ancestors who were born in Bagshot in the 1800's.  I have put Suzan and Cheryl in contact with each other. [Jul 16]