Precautions you may wish to take against Viruses and the like.

If you get spam or do not know the sender of an unsolicited email, delete it.

If you get an unexpected email that purports to be from a person you know
or a software supplier such as Microsoft
or an email that is in any way suspicious or oddly-worded

Spear phishing

Delete chain emails.

For your personal protection

Never respond to emails that request financial account information
Phishers often include false but sensational messages in an email ("urgent - your account details may have been stolen" or "your transaction has failed") in order to get an immediate reaction and then direct the victim to a spoof site that contains a copy of all the logos, etc, you see on the real site.  There you are asked to enter you account number and password - whereupon the criminals behind the phish have got all they need to plunder your account. According to one report, phishers convince up to five per cent of recipients to respond. By now you must have binned lots that purport to be from financial institutions that you have no dealings with -  do the same when you get one that claims to be from someone that you do deal with.

Phishing is such a problem that you can be confident that that no financial institution will put out an email that even faintly looks like a phish.  If in doubt contact the institution by means other than anything contained in the email.

Other steps you can take include

Home Computing

Most suppliers of antivirus software provide guidance on avoiding becoming a victim. One such supplier is

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